Dang DVD

I didn’t real­ly wan­na start this morn­ing sound­ing like a Sein­feld stand up rou­tine… but, what is it with DVD play­ers and user-unfriend­li­ness? It’s almost like they rushed them out into the stores, with­out actu­al­ly see­ing if peo­ple could use them.

Now, I’m a late­com­er to the amaz­ing world of DVDs, and don’t get me wrong, I love them! I’d heard all the sto­ries of impos­si­ble to under­stand menu sys­tems, inde­ci­pher­able set­tings and bizarre remote con­trol but­tons, but it wasn’t until actu­al DVD play­er own­er­ship that I realised just how bad the prob­lem is.

Why would I want to change my bit-rate setting?

What the hell is anamor­phic widescreen?

Why is it, when I want to fast-for­ward, I end up skip­ping to the next chap­ter – but not every time?

How come I can’t skip over the FBI warn­ings after I’ve already seen them dur­ing this viewing?

Why isn’t it all just real­ly easy?!?

I just hope those tech­nol­o­gists fig­ure out user-friend­li­ness before we all take deliv­ery of our shiny new inter­net fridges…