Work Xmas Parties

For those of you unfa­mil­iar with how xmas par­ties in the gov­ern­ment sec­tor, let me explain how it works. The aver­age young gov­ern­ment work­er will attend 3 xmas par­ties: The […]

Robbie Williams

You know you’re get­ting old when you start to appre­ci­ate tee­ny-bop­per music. Oh the irony! Sure I enjoy the odd Brit­ney Spears or Christi­na Aguil­era video clip as much as […]

Matrix Revolutions

Every­thing that has a begin­ning has an end… Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen Matrix REVOLUTIONS and I bloomin’ well loved it… it was AWESOME! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’ll have to keep my minor […]

George Dubya II

Dubya has left the build­ing. I must admit, even though I was right up the front of the pro­test­ers yelling ‘boo’ and ‘Go Home­bush!’ (wait, maybe that was meant to […]

Kill Bill

Kill Bill. Those two words usu­al­ly send a shiv­er down my spine when any ex-girl­friends come to town. Late­ly though, they’ve been get­ting me excit­ed as I was look­ing for­ward […]

George Dubya

Nor­mal­ly I try not to be too polit­i­cal in pub­lic… how­ev­er, the state of fear the world appears to be in late­ly is dri­ving me a bit nuts… but judg­ing […]

Film Crew

Looks like it’s back to win­ter today… what the H has hap­pened to the weath­er? Walk­ing to work this morn­ing I noticed there’s a heap of ‘film crew’ semi-trail­ers and […]

Dr Who

Dust of your son­ic screw­drivers and stock up on Jel­ly Babies as our favourite TimeLord returns to the ABC. Yes, I’m talk­ing about Dr Who – oth­er­wise known as Dr […]


My ears are ring­ing off the hook, my throat is raspi­er than a bas­tard file, and my neck needs a damn good crack­ing. What is wrong with me? I went […]


Spring is the sea­son for sneezin’. And that con­cludes today’s lec­ture on the neg­a­tive aspects of spring. Woohoo! I love spring. The oth­er day I felt that fuzzy warmth of […]