SPAM. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam. I hate spam. Every­day I’m sent a truck­load of spam emails. Hav­ing a pub­licly avail­able email address means it’s open slather on my Inbox. Here are some sub­ject titles that you may already be famil­iar with:

Mau­ry got a real­ly low rate, so can you!’;
‘Russ­ian Sex’;
‘Re: Your enquiry’ (I didn’t enquire);
‘Thanks for Apply­ing’ (I didn’t apply);
‘Soak­ing Wet Hoes’;
‘Get a Degree – No tests, class­es, books, or interviews!’;
‘Attract Men or Women FAST’;
‘Cut Cred­it Card Debt 50% – No loan Required!’;
‘Nev­er buy anoth­er DVD again’;
‘Increase the size of your pen-is today!’;
‘You have already been approved for a $5000 cash grant!’;
‘Spy On Peo­ple Online!’;
‘Naked Teen Midgets’;

These are all gen­uine spam emails that I have received recent­ly. There are some titles that even I (being the broad-mind­ed indi­vid­ual that I am) gasp at – which I have not includ­ed in these emails (apolo­gies to any­one who was offend­ed by any of the above titles).

You prob­a­bly are aware of just how big the spam prob­lem is (even gov­ern­ment depart­ments have recent­ly been under inves­ti­ga­tion by the Fed­er­al Pri­va­cy Com­mis­sion­er for send­ing out their own spam).

The best advice I can offer is, if you’re going to make your email address pub­lic, or use it to reg­is­ter for a com­pe­ti­tion or for some oth­er rea­son on a web­site – get your­self one of those free email accounts (hot­mail, yahoo, etc) – and give them that one. Keep your favourite email address to your­self and your friends – even then, it’s hard to know when some­one is going to send you a friend­ly greet­ing card – and wham, bam, here comes the spam!