Life is Beautiful

For every Ying there’s always a Yang.

Think too hard and you can find your­self eas­i­ly get­ting depressed about this time of year – with this weath­er comes bush­fire, smoke haze, drought, water restric­tions, flies, mozzies, cock­ies, sweat, stinky boss­es and dust storms.

There’s your Ying – which is impor­tant to con­tem­plate, but I also dream about the Yang:- this time of year the skies are blue, you can sit on your bal­cony at night with­out wear­ing two jumpers, the birds are singing, the beau­ti­ful peo­ple are wear­ing less, you can cruise the streets with the stereo pump­ing and your arm on the sill (or alter­na­tive­ly roll in your 5.0 with your rag top down so your hair can blow – but only if you’re a white male rap­per), walk with a spring in your step, and roman­tic thoughts seem to come nat­u­ral­ly with­out any kind of brain strain.

(insert tacky Ital­ian accent here)

Life is beau­ti­ful no?