Big News

It’s fun­ny what makes big news and what doesn’t. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kid­man can reign supreme on the cov­er of many mag­a­zines and news­pa­pers due to pet­ty feud­ing, yet a cru­cial dis­cov­ery relat­ed to how our galaxy holds togeth­er is pushed to the back under an obscure headline.

I’m talk­ing about the recent dis­cov­ery that a giant black hole is sit­ting at the cen­tre of our galaxy. And when I say ‘giant’, I mean super­mas­sive – this thing is esti­mat­ed to have a mass 2.6 mil­lion times greater than our lit­tle sun.

I guess we don’t have to pan­ic too much as we prob­a­bly won’t be gob­bled up for many bil­lions of years – and besides, our own sun will have expand­ed and com­plete­ly eat­en the earth in only a cou­ple of bil­lion years. Gulp!