Where the bloody hell are Ewe?

The metal sheep artwork by the late artist Les Kossatz has been a Canberra Civic icon for many years. 

Tourists and locals alike have often contemplated the meaning behind “Ainslie’s Sheep”. 

The unusual sculpture appears to be a ewe looking like it is ready to pounce onto the spread legged ram leaning back in a chair with some kind of material draped over its belly.

The artwork lends itself for many a photo opportunity and also finds itself the brunt of many a sheep humping sight gag amongst drunken boys on a Saturday night.

My one year old son in particular has a fondness for patting the sheep, and we always make a stop on the way past to give him ample time to show his appreciation.

So it was with great shock and dismay that on my usual weekend walk with a pram full of fervent son that I noticed that one of the sheep were missing from Civic.

Googling and asking around seems to have given me no further insight into what has happened to one of the sheep duo. 

I did take the photo to the left of the metallic feet still sticking out of the ground, which suggests to me that the sheep was removed via some violent method. 

The feet were so sharp and dangerous looking that they warranted day-glo traffic cones and a temporary fence to be constructed around them.  These have since been removed and the bolts ground down to something safe.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts, or even the story behind the removal, please feel free to add a comment below.

Ainslie sheep has been repaired and replaced
by MAG Welding Services PTY LTD located in Fyshwick ACT

This information was posted to the-riotact.com :

ACT Policing have made the following statement:

ACT Policing is investigating the incident
– Police became aware of the property damage on Sunday morning (March 13) about 2.45am
– Police have obtained the CCTV footage of the incident
– Police have identified a person of interest in this matter and enquiries are ongoing
– The scultpure has been removed for repair