I Buried a Pony

No, this is not some reference to hidden lyrics in a Beatles song. Nor is it a euphemism for something rude. This is a story that I have told often, […]

A Current Affair vs Today Tonight

In the wonderful world of “current affairs” programs on Australian television, there is no competition when it comes to A Current Affair vs Today Tonight. That’s because they are not […]

The Black and White Ball

Many years ago I had the privilege of being invited to attend the Grenfell Black and White Ball. This was something I was very much looking forward to at the […]

Funnel Web Spider Syndrome

Due to my affinity with spiders, people often tell me spider related stories, or ask spiderly advice. “Hey, there was a spider in my kitchen last night.  I think it […]

Empire Avenue

I have no idea of what I am doing. But I am now listed on Empire Avenue, and you can buy or sell me. And if you sign up for […]

I thought it was time to combine a couple of my “creative” outlets. As I demonstrated in my last post, creating music with GarageBand is taking up a good percentage […]

Where the bloody hell are Ewe?

The metal sheep artwork by the late artist Les Kossatz has been a Canberra Civic icon for many years.  Tourists and locals alike have often contemplated the meaning behind “Ainslie’s […]

The Diving Knife Incident

During my first big adventure overseas, I pretty much packed everything. I packed everything I needed, as well as everything I may ever need. Being on an extreme budget, I […]