My sister gave me an Australian Bird Eating Spider for my birthday in March – much to the horror of anyone whom has since set foot inside my door. It was only a baby and lived in a little tiny container. Many munched-on crickets later, he’s kinda grown a bit. So I grabbed a bit of glass from Revolve and converted a medium size fish tank so it has a dirt/sand/rock/plant/water area – a terrarium if you will.

The transfer of a lightning fast hairy scary spider from one container to another is a challenge within itself – kids don’t try this at home. Some suggested I was going to get a Darwin Award for being bitten during an attempt to make my spider ‘more comfortable’.

After all that effort, the other night I was shocked to see the spider appeared as dead as a doornail. However, you’ll be please to know that it wasn’t dead, but shedding its skin! The coolest thing is that it now looks like I have two hairy scary spiders, even if one of them doesn’t move very much (or at all).

Viva la eccentricity!

UPDATE:  I caught the shedding of the skin on time lapse video.  Check it Out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLER-cf_Pto

Well spotted. There was an unfortunate accident when he was young. Happily they grew back.